How to provide referee details

If your future employer decides to use RefNow in order to obtain references from you, you will receive an email asking you to add your referees as shown below:

You will need to click on the "Complete Referee Details" button which will then lead you to the following page where you will be able to add the referee's contact details. Once you are directed to the RefNow page, please click on "Add Referees".

Finally, you will be taken to the last step which is to add the referee's contact details, your relationship to them, the company you worked at, the position and the dates when you worked there.

Once you've entered all the necessary information, click on "Save Referee" so the reference request can be sent to the person completing the reference for you. Depending on how many references you have been asked to provide, you may need to complete this step more than once.

The last step once you've finished adding your referees will be to verify your identity which you can do so via LinkedIn or verification app Yoti. You can also choose to skip this step. We use this method in order add an extra layer of security to avoid fraudulent references/candidates.