Yoti - Step-by-Step guide

Yoti/RefNow – Step by Step guide:

When you click ‘Verify my Identity’, it only takes about five minutes to create your Yoti.

1.     Download the free Yoti app on your smart phone from the App Store or Google Play store.

2.     Click ‘Get Started’

3.     Press 'Yes' when it asks if someone has asked you to use Yoti

4.     Press 'Scan a QR code' and scan the QR code on your computer screen

5.      Press 'Continue' to complete your share with RefNow and start the upload process

6.           Press 'Continue' to start Step 1

7.     Confirm your country and age range

8.     Continue through and add your mobile number

9.     Create your unique PIN

10.      Continue through and scan your face

11.            Continue through and press 'Add details'

12.            Press 'Add Missing Details'

13.            Select 'Add an official ID Document'

14.            Select 'Add passport' - please note Drivers Licenses are not accepted as official documents for employment history checks

15. Select 'Start Scan' and follow instructions for scanning your Passport photo page