Employers Support

  1. Add a new user
    How to add a new user on your RefNow Account
  2. Add Referees on behalf of a Candidate
    How to add a referee if you are an employer
  3. Add a new team
    How to add a team to your account
  4. Edit a team
    How to edit your team's name through your Refnow account
  5. User Roles Explained
    What each user role means and how do they work.
  6. Viewing past invoices
    How to view invoices from previous months
  7. How to Delete a User
    Delete users from RefNow
  8. How to Delete a Team
    Delete teams from RefNow
  9. What are questions profiles
    More information about question profiles
  10. Change my subscription
  11. Add a new question profile
  12. Add a question to a question profile
  13. Delete a question profile
  14. Delete a question from a question profile
  15. Set up Azure SSO
  16. I can't remember my login details
    What to do if you cannot remember your login details
  17. How can I change my company name
  18. How do I integrate with my system (integrations)
  19. I can't log in with my email address
    How to know if your email address is associated with an active Refnow account
  20. How to change or reset your password
    How to reset your password or change it if you are not able to remember it